Sunday, July 8, 2018


The introduction to A Final Coloring Book of Tessellations noted that "as I stumble on additional patterns ... I can use the better discoveries to update and revise this and the previous books." In the past few weeks I have revised A Tessellating Coloring Book, More Tessellations Coloring Book, and A Final Coloring Book. New patterns (and thus deleted patterns) were six for the first book, eleven for the second, and seven for the last.

The three books contain over 300 tessellation designs and each is unique to one book. The first two of the books listed above were designed before the adult-coloring-book fad hit and were meant for children. The last book was intended for adults but it lacks the fussiness that many of the adult colorers seem to desire.

They all still have some weak designs and some geometric tilings that are in the public domain so if in the future I find additional interesting tessellating shapes, there may be more revisions.

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