Monday, January 2, 2012

In the beginning

I have been working for the past six weeks on several maze books. One of them is aimed at the Kindergarten/pre-school set, and although I have tried to make the mazes simple, I have come to realize that they are not an appropriate introduction to mazes. Before the young child encounters my books of mazes, he or she should have done even easier mazes.

I do not want to construct a set of such mazes as a printed book--there are some already there and it is not worth a great deal of time. I have decided instead to construct an electronic book, in pdf format, of twenty to thirty very easy mazes, mazes that a three-year-old child should find doable. Here are three of the mazes from the beginning of the collection:
  (Can anyone get lost in that?)
(The path is shorter, but there are now deadends.)
The mazes do get a little bit harder as the book goes along--there are only a few really simple mazes that are possible. I am not quite finished with the document. When I am finished, I will give a link so anyone can download it.

Update: I never did finish this project. Sorry. However, I have finished a lot of mazes books that you can find and purchase on For links, go here.